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  • My son is five and he really wants to participate in conversations at dinner. “Daddy, what are you talking about?” So I tried to explain to him that we had worked all week to get X-Plane 10.50 beta 3 ready and that … Continue reading →

  • I tried to rush through X-Plane 10.50 beta 2 over Friday and Saturday, in an attempt to get past a number of high profile crash bugs and installer errors quickly, despite having our Q/A person out of the office. This … Continue reading →

  • The good news is: 10.50 beta 2 is out, and it fixes a pile of big problems with beta 1. The bad news is: it has its own problems – apparently some of the airplane lights are on all the time. … Continue reading →

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  • The waiting is over. X-Plained has released their own Facebook page. So it’s time to move on, it was for me, and now it’s also for you an idea to hop from the “no longer maintained” FB page to X-Plained. I would love to see you moving with me. Any ideas and/or suggestions are appreciated. So […]

  • Perhaps you did expect something, perhaps you’ve seen it already, but in case you haven’t ….. surprise!   On behalf of the X-Plained team, I’m pleased to offer you X-Plained. Where I stopped with ASN X-Plane, X-Plained continues. X-Plained is alive and for me I’m happy that this “project” is finished and up and running. […]

  • Perhaps expected, perhaps totally unexpected nevertheless, I would like to inform you about the following news. Hold on …. what about is this? For years I’ve taken care for ASN and later ASN X-Plane (Aerosoft Sim News) with the publication of many payware and freeware reviews/impressions, daily X-Plane news, columns, interviews and what else more. […]

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