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Developer resources for the X-Plane flight simulator
  • There's a new 11.02 release candidate available - if you had the 11.02 beta, you'll be notified to auto-update.  In a break with previous policy, this RC is available now on Steam as a beta, despite us not having had time to kick the … Continue reading →

  • We've gotten a number of requests for video of the conference. Chris just posted these on our Youtube channel: And the accompanying slides: This is the original of Chris's VR demo - he looks super dignified with the HMD on. Finally, here's video of … Continue reading →

  • I just got back from Flightsimcon (I live close enough to Hartford that it's a day trip for me), but the show is still going on, and as you might have heard, we have X-Plane set up with built-in VR … Continue reading →

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