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  • X-Plane has been lacking a decent navigation solution for general aviation aircraft for a long time. The built-in GNS430 instrument could only do direct-to navigation and not use X-Plane’s FMS plans, making long IFR flights inconvenient. In X-Plane 10.30 we … Continue reading →

  • I have been working on visibility and fog-related bugs in X-Plane 10.30; two fixes will improve high-altitude long-visibility viewing: 10.25 has a bug where the fog color changes abruptly at the cut between DSF and planet rendering, particularly when atmospheric … Continue reading →

  • Last week I spent a little bit of time looking at a bug: some ILS approach paths have tall buildings in the way.  For an example, fly the ILS 22L into KBOS, and look to your right on short final. … Continue reading →


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  • Some of you astute folk may have noticed that this site has been real quiet lately, this post will clarify the situation. Both Chip and I have become increasingly frustrated and de-motivated by the negative comments we receive whenever we …

  • A few neat paints, and some scenery to take a peek at too…but first, some news to consider. One über-interesting factoid emerged in comments to last weekend’s post, and this was reference from old chum Dom to a new interview …

  • Well, well, well… Christmas has come and gone and all in all it’s been oddly quiet on the X-Plane front for a few months now. Still, a few choice tidbits from IXEG surfaced in recent news, but there have been …

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