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X-Plane Developer

Developer resources for the X-Plane flight simulator
  • WED 1.6 public beta 1 is out!  As Jennifer wrote: The first version of WorldEditor that is compatible with X-Plane 11 is now available! WED 1.6 features: Service vehicle parking, destinations, and routes Better validation, including a text document of errors Additional … Continue reading →

  • A few big bug fixes in this beta: Framerate should be back to where it was in beta 3.  Betas 4/5 were not deleting smoke particles, so over time the total number of particles in the world would grow indefinitely, … Continue reading →

  • If you guessed “X-Plane 11.00 public beta four”, you are right. 🙁  I screwed up the shaders, and they work on AMD cards and OS X but not NVidia cards. So: public beta three is the official public beta again, and we’ll … Continue reading →

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