EFIK Kiikala 0.9


The Kiikala Aviation Center (ICAO: EFIK) is an airport in Salo.Situated approximately 25 kilometres east of central Salo and approximately 7 kilometres east of the locality of Kiikala, this two-runway airfield (930 and 600 metres) is a glider operations hotspot, with winches serving as the primary means of tow. The airfield is also actively used by the Guard Jaeger Regiment and the Finnish Military Naval Academy for combat excercise purposes.

The airfield is also home to a meteorological observation station owned by the Finnish Meteorological Institute.


  • The early version of the airport building models
  • Airport lightning with X-Plane 10 features (required HDR ON, for full details)
  • 1 meter/pixel orthophoto scenery
  • High resolution finland vegetation


For X-Plane 10

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Finland OSM 1.2


This release acts as a demonstrator for our custom enhancements to the HDR lighting engine in XP10. It features realistic lighting on and around buildings, stadia and other points of interest. This is a first test version, which will eventually evolve into full-blown payware cityscapes. This technology will also feature heavily in our Pro line of products for XP-based FSTDs.

Note : Download and install light.txt file before use this scenery.Get it here.

We recommend using the Helsinki Orthoscenery at the same time : Helsinki-Ortho scenery

Don’t forget … before use it, remove the previous version of Truscenery – Finland OSM 1.0
This scenery is generated with OSM2XP software. (23.5.2013)

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EFRN Rantasalmi 1.0

Free X-Plane 10 scenery

Rantasalmi Airport + Photoscenery (EFRN) 

This version is a development stage.

Version 1.0 (X-Plane 10 only)

Requires open scenery x to be installed



  • Coordinates: 620356N 0282124E 
  • Runway: 18/36 - 740 x 23 m - asphalt
  • LDA: 18: 740 m, 36: 740 m
  • Frequency: 123,200
  • Elevation: 89 m (292 ft)


More pictures here




EFSI Seinäjoki 1.1

Seinäjoki Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, converted and modified for use with X-Plane 10 by Olli Laine.
Thanks to original author Mikko Lindström (FISD) for his kind permission to repost this conversion.

Seinäjoki Airport (Finnish: Seinäjoen lentoasema) (IATA: SJY, ICAO: EFSI) is an public airport in Ilmajoki, Finland, about 6 NM (11 km; 7 mi) south-southwest of Seinäjoki city centre. The airport is operated by Rengonharju-säätiö (Rengonharju Foundation)

Recommended plugin for animated flags: http://www.xpluginsd...isc_plugins.htm (not recuired)
NOTE: This scenery not by TruScenery


New in Version 1.1 

  • Taxilines color changed to realistic yellow
  • Taxilines fixed
  • Some objects moved to correct locations



EFME Menkijärvi 0.9

Converted from FS 2004, added some new stuff.Enjoy !
Thanks to Jussi Rantala for his kind permission to repost this conversion

NOTE: This scenery not by TruScenery

Drop EFME folder to your Custom Scenery folder.

Open Scenery X must be installed, get it here --> http://www.opensceneryx.com/


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