X-Aviation Mitsubishi MU-2 real sounds

Here you are.

Mitsubishi MU-2 real high quality sounds for free. You can listen sample sounds here. Inside sound and outside sound.
Extract to Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 -folder.

Enjoy and happy flying.

Download sound pack here


Free ATR 72-500 soundpack

Soundpack for McPhat Studios ATR 72-500.
Sounds were recorder by Zoom H2N Hand Recorder about 50 meters away from Aircraft.
This is our first project and experience in Xplane sound editing.

Feel real ATR 72-500 sounds and enjoy flying.

Version 1.0

Read installation instruction HERE before use.


GroundTraffic animated ground vehicle traffic kit

We use this pluking in our Tampere-Pirkkala airport scenery to control the animation traffic at the ground level.

If you see something wrong with the current animation services , try this one.
Update pluking by installing a new XPL files to ;

Custom Scenery / Truscenery - EFTP Airport / plukings / Ground Traffic





Custom lights

This is our custom light file. Updated to XP 10.30
You should always keep that installed, when using the TruScenery products.

  • Extract file to : X-Plane 10/


Remember take a backup first before overwrite.



XPlane braking sounds


This is fast help if you do not like the default XPlane braking sound.
Does not affect the add-on aircrafts, that use own audio files.

File is modified default XPlane10 braking sound file, what is deactivated.

Install folder : XPlane10/Resources/sounds/contact

Remember take a backup before install this!


DOWNLOAD   (Right click and save)


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