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  • A quick note on 11.30: we have an internal build of 11.30 that seems to be working and we’ll be rolling out private betas next week, as soon as we get menu items for the particle system editor. Once we get some feedback on the private beta we’ll know if we’re close to public beta or not. Read MoreThe post 4K Panels and Cockpit Objects in 11.30 appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

  • Those who know Austin know that he is really tall. It’s a running joke that at company events, he ends up half a mile ahead of the group because each of his steps is quite a bit longer than the rest of ours. Read MoreThe post Austin and Ben, to Scale appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

  • Nvidia announced their latest bitcoin graphics cards on August 20th at Gamescom this year. Among the usual increase in transistors, they also disappointed all crypto miners by adding a feature that cannot (yet) be used to calculate cryptographic hashes: Ray Tracing! Read MoreThe post Nvidia RTX ends with an X, X-Plane starts with one. Perfect match? appeared first on X-Plane Developer.

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